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Dental Services in Maroochydore
teeth molding after
tooth with metal implant
example teeth

Minimal Surgery
Minimal Surgery
Minimal Surgery
Minimal Surgery

  • Implant placed same day tooth removed
minimal surgery top of tooth
Parkview Dental Surgery

minimal implants after b
Fixed Solutions
  • Minimal implants
  • Two dental implants to replace 3 missing teeth
minimal implants after

2010 Before
quality assured before
2010 Finish
quality assured after
Quality Assured

Review after 6 years
quality assured review

Completed Same Day
same day solution before
same day solution before top view
same day solution after
same day solution after top view

All in one visit 
composite bonding before
Composite bonding
composite bonding after
composite bonding inside before
Perfectly Scaled Clean
composite bonding inside after

Ceramic Crowns - All in two visits - Only with 4 Crowns
ceramic crowns before
  • Alignment Improved
  • Shade Improved
  • Shape Improved
  • Bite Improved
ceramic crowns after

A Beautiful Smile
Veneers in Maroochydore
The Problem

  • Diastemas (Gaps)
  • Divergence
Teeth before treatment
The Process
Tooth Moulding
Diagnostic Provisionals
Diagnostic Provisionals
The Completion
High Quality Ceramic Veneers
Completed Dental Work
  • Perfect occlusion
  • Perfect angulation
  • Completed in two visits
Veneers in Maroochydore

Diagnosis: Retained Deciduous (baby) Molar/ Congenital Missing Premolar
Xray of teeth
Treatment: Tooth Removed & Immediate Implant Placement
Tooth implant in Maroochydore
Implant Placement
Healed Implant Site
Implant site
Dental Implant
Permanently Restored Dentition & Occlusion
Dental Inspection in Maroochydore
Occlusion on the Sunshine Coast
Implant on the Sunshine Coast
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