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Q: What is a “Cracked Tooth Syndrome?”

A: A cracked tooth syndrome means that the tooth has cracked but not necessarily fractured. It often becomes sensitive to temperature and on biting, particularly with small hard objects such as grains and nuts. It can advance to become very tender due to irreversible inflammation of the pulp. Dr Lai believes that thorough examination, accurate diagnosis and detailed explanation of the treatment options are paramount to its successful management. 

Q: When do I need crowns or veneers?

A: Whenever there is a structural or anatomical issue with the tooth. Dr Lai is dedicated to bring evidence based and experience driven advanced ceramics technology and materials to build your perfect smile and good health.

Q: When do I need dental implants?

A: Dental implants are used to restore missing or failing dentition. It has well-proven long-term efficacies. Dr Lai continues to be passionate about providing quality and diverse range of its modern applications.  
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Q: At what age should I bring my children for a dental check-up?

A: We recommend from age one or when all the deciduous teeth have erupted. It is so important to form good oral hygiene and dietary habits. The deciduous molars are key to a stable, uninterrupted dental-facial development. We endeavour to make your child's visit a fun and positive experience. We will ensure that parents will be well informed afterwards.

Q: Why are routine examinations and scale cleans important?

A: With over 25 years of clinical experience, Dr Lai can testify that those who maintain regular care have the best health outcomes with the lowest overall cost. All studies have shown that the cleaner the mouth the lower the bacteria count, the better the health. EARLY DIAGNOSIS; EARLY PREVENTION; EARLY TREATMENT is our motto.

Q: What is a root canal treatment? What are the chances of success?

A: It is to treat the diseased pulpal tissue inside the tooth. It is a well establish complex clinical procedure with high chance of success rate (>90%). Dr Lai has had special interest in this subject since the early 90s. He has attended courses in UK, Eruope, USA and here in Australia over the years to continue to provide current concepts for our patients in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.

Q: How much is the cost for a comprehensive examination?

A: $64 before rebate from your Health Fund.

Q: What kind of teeth whitening system do you use?

A: Take home Polanight 18% with custom made trays.
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